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My partner, Scott Ohlgren has done the best job of making the decisions to join our team easy: Please go back to the 'Video Section' and watch 'Join the Prime my Body Team' the 'Getting Started System-Your First 28 Days, Scott Ohlgren'. He says it best. I do paraphrase his techniques and encouragements-and add my own below.

To join and take advantage of this opportunity, and get products to maximize the opportunity OR get started with a purchase only Go To   ' CLICK HERE  TO ORDER ' above.

Note: In Mexico, at present one can enroll/join and purchase the RECEPT product only.


There are multiple ways to enroll and receive products! I will highlight the United States packages. The packages in Mexico are similar and the logic is the same: Don't you want to have product to get started with and maximize the potential of the opportunity?

Enroll as an affiliate by creating a user name and password and then picking products for purchase. Yes, you can buy one only, however I suggest reading this section thoroughly before choosing that option.

I say to jump in as a member and take full advantage of the options and benefits, go ALL IN!

There are Good, Better and BEST Levels:

Good: Enroll and purchase 3 bottles of RECEPT (our daytime flagship Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract.) That is one to use, one to share and one that is available.

Better: Enroll and purchase 5 bottles of RECEPT and get a 6th FREE! This gives more freedom. A lot of people do this to start.

BEST: Enroll and purchase a large pack of products which gives you MORE free and other tools, depending on the package. To me, our core products are the flagship, RECEPT our daytime blend, and CALM our night time blend and NOX our first-to-market Skin Care Product. This is the quickest way to maximize all of the bonus types and sets you up to earn the Rookie Bonus. (We have a video on that.)

I suggest looking at the Getting Started video by Scott Ohlgren, my very successful partner BEFORE making the above choice. Scott, along with Dr. Erin Pollinger, the top money earn-  ing female assist me and I use their videos, FB Groups, mentoring and coaching-and you can too! 

Now, in early 2020, the company is running a phenomenal special for those getting started or adding new members. 

Everyone gets a replicated site to send prospects to, plus a Back Office to track progress and much more. We all receive company update frequently and Prime my Body has incentive specials and trips to aim for with your growth. 

Both leaders Scott and Erin have private FaceBook (FB) groups to access and get quick answers from and other special training groups. Scott is a master at creating videos to address issues that one member may have-since others, too could have that same question.

The company plans Regional Events at least quarterly and individual leaders often have events throughout the US and Mexico. It is common to ask about an event that a prospect can attend in a different part of the country and get a quick affirmation of just such an event.

There is a national event we are already planning to be at in San Diego in Oct. of 2020. Do you think you will enjoy getting the top training, the secrets of the top earners and having a great time with like-minded leaders, all on the road to greatness?

We certainly  will hear from all of our medical advisers and experts in San Diego.

Regularly,  Dr. Cheng Ruan releases findings in videos and certainly there are lots of testimonials in video form. We look forward to hearing yours!

We have a program to get your product free every month by enrolling customers that use RECEPT every month. When we get 4, ours is free!  There is a video and I assume that is extended to the other products as well.

When is the best time to plant a tree? (Twenty years ago.)

When is the second best time? (Right now.)

When is the BEST time to decide to be healthier inside and out, to make legacy type money or 'just-enough' money and create more free time?

Right Now!   If NOT now-when?       (That is a serious question, let's stay in touch).

Welcome to the Team.......



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